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Training To Be A Driving Instructor

Welcome to JT Training’s website and here is a brief summary about its contents for you. Information on all parts of this process are detailed here which can be seen in summary form on this page and in full selecting a page from the site menu to the right. Information on pricing is below and the reason I can do it at these prices when others are charging over £30 is simple. I use my home as an office, run and maintain my own car, do my own advertising and built this website myself. Result minimum overheads and if I do 6hours a day for 5 days at £22 that’s a £660 gross. That’s good enough for me and I have every evening and weekend to myself.

I received ADI Part 3 training from Jim Thompson and was extremely pleased with the straightforward practical methods he used in teaching.  Valuable classroom hours before any in car training gave me a clear concise understanding of what was required

ADI Training Special Offer

ADI Instructor Training Offer

Driving Instructor Tuition Pricing

2 hours £50 £25 per hour

3 hours £72 £24 per hour

4 hours £92 £23 per hour

5 hours £110 £22 per hour

Call me jim Thompson on 07743584257 or E-Mail at with the best times between 6 and 9pm to discuss training to be a driving instructor and any other queries.

The ADI Trainer and You

It’s essential that you understand that the success or failure of this is down to two factors the ADI trainer and you.

About Me – I was an experienced driving instructor and was approached by a large company Passmasters in 2004 with whom I had done my original instructor training with years before. I undertook a weeks training at their Manchester HQ to learn the skills involved in training instructors which is totally different to those used in teaching learners. Throughout 2005 I gradually phased out learner training in favor of instructor training, sat and passed my DSA ordit test and became the head trainer for Passmasters in Scotland. From that position I worked on improving their existing training course and delivering a higher standard of training. From 2006 I was solely doing instructor training and I also began to train instructor trainers like myself to cover other areas of Scotland for passmasters. Then in late November 2009 the company went into administration and I was completely out of work with no redundancy as I was still self employed. 2010 was spent rebuilding my own driving school and instructor training business in Glasgow and Paisley.

I have always believed that people should continually improve their own skills rather than just staying at the average level. This is why I believe that the standard of training that I offer would be hard to beat as I continue to look at ways to deliver better training and quality.

 ADI Instructor Training Badge

It is a fact that the majority of people who embark on driving instructor training fail to make it. Quite a portion of the blame must go to the fact that many trainers are basically ordinary driving instructors who believe they can teach what they managed to pass. This is bad thing as this is a totally different type of training compared to learner instruction and needs a vastly superior knowledge about the assessments than the level required to pass them. I have often had trainees from large companies coming to me to be retrained particulary from one which uses high profile advertising. These companies unfortunately put business well before quality.

all in all I found it to be a very good experience Jim was always there for me if I needed help or advice & gave me confidence when it came to sitting my tests. I’m now a fully qualified grade 5 driving instructor and am very happy in my chosen career so thanks again Jim I couldn’t have done it without you

Is Driving Instruction Training For You?

About your commitment – The trainer is one aspect to success the other is you and here it is straight without the salesman approach. Don’t approach this half heartedly or you are wasting your time and money. This is not easy and if you are not willing to spend some time studying and practicing outside training sessions you will fail.

On a lighter note if you follow my training and advice correctly there is no reason why you should not be able to become a driving instructor. Although the process involves a lot of learning both in knowledge and practical teaching methods you will find I make the driving instructor training course enjoyable.

Driving Instructor Training For The Tests

ADI Theory Test

The part one ADI theory test is not a practical test it is a test of knowledge and perception and done in an office environment. It involves study and the materials can be supplied or obtained from a list yourself. This part is really down to you as I can’t put this knowledge in your head you have to study and learn it from the books or computer disc. There are three training options available for this stage.

1. A 3 hour session to cover and practise the elements of the theory test and answer all your questions.

2. A 5 hour session including both the theory test and the first in car part 2 training for those who wish to move quickly.

3. A 0 hour session as it is possible to do this just from the study materials alone.

ADI Part 2

The ADI part 2 is a practical driving test basically to check that you are capable of driving to a higher standard than what is required by a learner. The training for this will done in my car in sessions of either 1 or 2 hrs. The length of time to do this stage and the amount of tuition required is really going to be down to you. I can tell you what you are doing wrong explain how to fix it and prompt you do do it correctly in the car. I will not be in the car on the test so it’s about you changing your driving habits by installing good habits over your bad ones. The only way to do this is to practice driving correctly at all times. I have had many people pass this first time with 4-6 hours training.

ADI Part3

The ADI Part3 is the most difficult and I strongly advise ignoring it until you have gotten the part 1 out of the way then start reading about it in depth while completing the part 2. The part 3 training can start while you are doing the part 2 if you wish or you can wait till it’s passed the choice is yours. The training for this is normally around the 40 hour mark with the first session a 7-8hr introduction and in depth explanation of the components and methods to be learned. After which the instruction is all in car with minimum 2 hr sessions until ready.

Jim is very professional in his approach and also very knowledgeable. He has the ability to explain and demonstrate fully what is required, yet still make each lesson enjoyable.

ADI Training Courses Overall Cost

Test Fees
ADI part one – theory test – £90.00
ADI part two – driving ability – £111.00
ADI part three – instructional ability – £111.00
Total for 1st time time passes  £312

ADI Training Course Estimate
Part 1  3hrs       £72
Part 2  5hrs      £125
Part 3 40hrs    £1000
Total  £1197

Theory Study pack

****ADI Starter Pack (ADI 14)  Book Version- £5****
Right click and “save as” for free PDF version here – ADI Starter Pack PDF
****The Official Highway Code  Book Version – £2.50****   
 Right click and “save as” for free PDF version here – The Highway Code PDF

If  you use the PDF starter pack you will also need to download the ADI Registration Form and you can do that here – Right click and “save as” – ADI-3 

The Official DSA Guide to Driving – The Essential Skills – £13
The Official DSA Theory Test for Approved Driving Instructors – £6
Single Copy of Driving Test Success All Tests 2011 (PC DVD-ROM) – £10
Total £36.50

Estimated Total £1545.50

Test Fees you pay directly to the DSA when booking and the Theory study books you can order yourself (will tell you where) or I can do that for you. Training is pay as you go on each training session

Driver Instructor Training Offer

ADI Instructor Training Offer

Instructor Training Course Pricing

2 hours £50 £25 per hour

3 hours £72 £24 per hour

4 hours £92 £23 per hour

5 hours £110 £22 per hour

Call me Jim Thompson on 07743584257 or E-Mail at with the best times between 6 and 9pm to discuss driving instructor training and any other queries.

My story shows how you need to find a top class trainer as there are a lot of ADI’s out there set up as trainers but my experience shows not all can “do the job” Jim most certainly can and I would have no hesitation in recommending any one to Jim Thomson he is 1st class and even now I can always phone him for advice and support.

Driving Instructor Training Courses at JT Training with Jim Thompson

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driving instructor training courses

Times and Places for Training

Below is a list of the most often used places to meet for in car Training in the Glasgow area all close to Motorway access

Tesco Silverburn M77 Junction 2

Morrisons Fort Shopping Center M8 Junction 10

ASDA Helen St Ibrox M8 Junction 24

Times - Weekdays between 7am and 5pm Glasgow South and Paisley with Glasgow North and East between 7am and 3:30pm

A few hours only are allocated per month to weekends and these are £35 per hour

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