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Become a Driving Instructor the First Steps

Listed here are the essential actions needed in order to begin a job as a Driving instructor even before you begin to  commence adi training intended for the three compulsory examinations. All three of these assessments must be completed to a satisfactory standard in order to get an instructors badge. Without holding one of these DSA issued permits you will be breaking the law taking any form of reward for instruction.

For starters it is important to satisfy a number of conditions, should you fail to satisfy every one of these a new applying form would be rejected automatically. The standard legal regulations out-with the Driving Standards Agency point out that exclusively people aged over 21 and having held the full type driving licence for 3 years minimum could watch over learner drivers. In order to be an instructor it is different the DSA will only accept applications from people having a full Licence for four off the last six years.

Driving Instructors Training Courses Special

ADI Instructor Training Offer

Driving Instructor Tuition Pricing

2 hours £50 £25 per hour

3 hours £72 £24 per hour

4 hours £92 £23 per hour

5 hours £110 £22 per hour

Call me on 07743584257 or E-Mail at with the best times between 6 and 9pm to discuss driving instructor training and any other queries.

First Thing To Do – Getting a criminal record check done is not only essential its the first step in the process as without it you can’t apply to get on the DSA’s instructors registrar. This was introduced to make it easier and faster to process applications in the DSA offices and prevent any undesirables from slipping through what used to be random checks. To do this you just call this number 0870 850 2455 and state you wish an application pack for a criminal record check to be a driving instructor sent to you. When you recieve it just follow the instructions contained within it which are all straightfoward. Once filled in send it to the appropriate address and then wait till you recieve notification that it is done you will recieve a copy and so will the DSA. DO NOT fill in the DSA application form till this is done as it requires the reference number found on it to be put on your application. This criminal check can take some time with people recieving them back between two and up to six weeks after submitting unfortunately there is no shortcut to this part of the process. But what to do right now is call that number and get the ball rolling if you are serious about becoming an instructor and undertaking driving instruction training. Are you still reading this? You should be on the phone first then come back and finish reading.

There is one exception to the above where you would have to change the way you apply and that is if you’ve obtained above 3 points upon your licence in one go. In this situation it is necessary to first submit a registration form direct to the DSA whereafter they will establish whether you will be able to go forward towards becoming a driving instructor or not. Once they have made there decision if it is ok you will be instructed to then go through the CRB process outlined above. Convictions of only three points are not regarded as serious unless you have more than two of them but getting over three for one offence will be liable to a closer examination.

Once everything is checked and the DSA are satisfied you shall have your name added into the driving instructors register and be given a personal reference number which must be used when dealing with the DSA. This number is used to book your part 1,2 and 3 tests which can be done either by phone or on line. Part1 has no limits imposed on it regarding the time you take or attempts you may take. A point to remember is that when you pass the part 1 the clock starts ticking as the certificate is valid for 2 years. What this means is if you take to long your theory could expire and you can’t book part 2 or 3 tests without a valid part 1 and you would have to do it again. Three attempts only are allowed for both part2 and 3 and should you fail 3 times you must wait till your current theory certificate to expire before starting again.

Call me on 07743584257 or E-Mail at with the best times between 6 and 9pm to discuss training to be a driving instructor and any other queries.

Driving Instruction Tuition From JT Training with Jim Thompson

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Times and Places for Training

Below is a list of the most often used places to meet for in car Training in the Glasgow area all close to Motorway access

Tesco Silverburn M77 Junction 2

Morrisons Fort Shopping Center M8 Junction 10

ASDA Helen St Ibrox M8 Junction 24

Times - Weekdays between 7am and 5pm Glasgow South and Paisley with Glasgow North and East between 7am and 3:30pm

A few hours only are allocated per month to weekends and these are £35 per hour

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